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EQWARE is familiar with the special problems involved in successfully launching a new IC design.  Here are some of the services we can provide:

    Silicon Validation:

  • Evaluation Boards — EQWARE can take your new IC and build a complete board around it, with all of the peripherals needed to help your H/W team test and validate their design.
  • "Probe" Code — This is the initial "standalone" code, often written in mixed 'C' and assembly language, that will be used to prove your IC's functionality.   EQWARE engineers will work closely with your H/W team to help make sure your design works the way it's supposed to.  Probe code can then be passed on to serve as an example for subsequent board-support package development.
  • Testing and Reporting — EQWARE has plenty of experience with the kind of meaningful test reporting your H/W team needs to keep making progress — plus the regression testing that will ensure your design starts clean and stays clean through the entire development cycle.

    Reference Designs:

  • Reference Boards — EQWARE can design a complete reference board, help you choose appropriate peripherals, and produce all of the documentation a board house will need to manufacture it.
  • Reference OS — EQWARE has experience with many O/Ss. We're proven experts at porting WinCE® BSPs and Linux® LSPs onto new reference boards, including kernel modifications and all of the device drivers needed to demonstrate your new IC's functionality to potential OEMs.
  • Sample/Test Applications — If your reference board needs a sample or test application to show it off properly, EQWARE has experience here as well, especially in the areas of streaming audio and video, codecs, wireless networking and memory technology devices.

    Development Tools:

  • Custom Test Tools — Nearly every embedded project needs to have a few custom tools built along the way; tools to stimulate your design, put it through its paces, and record it's performance.  Both in the debug and test stages, such utilities can be invaluable. EQWARE engineers build these tools as a matter of course, and deliver them as a part of the package.
  • Toolchain Extensions — If your IC extends the instruction set of a standard CPU, you'll need toolchain support.  EQWARE can help... we've added hundreds of new instructions — including vector instructions — to the the GNU toolchain.  From assembler through compiler, linker and debugger, we can build the tools your customers will need to take advantage of your powerful new instruction set.

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