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Down at the hardware/software interface lies a specialized world of BSPs, PLDs and device drivers.  Maybe you need to have an operating system ported to your latest platform... or your new component needs software support... or maybe your project needs functionality that doesn't currently exist!  How can you move forward?

New opportunities and new challenges sometimes require new skills — skills your team may not have.  No team or company, not even the largest in the world, can have all of the technical expertise it needs in-house.  EQWARE can support you by providing the know-how you need to stay on-time and in-budget.

Welcome to EQWARE, a collaboration of senior engineers specializing in embedded software — the software that makes hardware go.  We have thousands of hours of experience, on scores of projects — and with all phases of project planning, development and test, on both sides of the hardware/software interface.  In this specialized world, let EQWARE be your guide.

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