Custom hierarchical CIM-like platform resource manager. (Linux).

2.4GHz RF synchronized sensor data collection system (Standalone).

GNU toolchain extensions (Linux).

Remote upgrade facility (Linux).

BSP port to PXA-27x-based reference boards (WinCE/Linux).

IP/RS-232 multiplexer (Linux).

Infra-red imager qualification/calibration system (Windows).

High-performance inter-processor data transfer driver (Linux).

Sensor Management Subsystem for Server Management firmware (ThreadX).

Server Management firmware (ThreadX).

Firmware update utility for 8051 controller (Standalone).

Field unit tracking application (PalmOS).

PDA mail transfer system (WinCE).

Real-time wireless courier tracking system (RIMOS/WinNT).

MVIP-95 telephony interface device drivers (Linux).

Bochs X86 simulator port (HPUX).

ATM-based telecommunications edge switch (VxWorks).

SMC6215 CPU simulator and development/debugging environment (Windows).

RF production test system (DOS).

Programmable real-time generator of custom FM-subcarrier protocol (DOS).

Embedded software test/regression system (DOS).

Digital and analog simulation display tools (DOS/VMS).