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These are some of the ways EQWARE can help bring your product to market quickly, and without sacrificing quality:

    Board Design:

  • EQWARE can design the electronic subassemblies to meet your product's physical and marketing specifications, even aid you in creating those specs.  We provide all phases of development, from prototype implementation through hardware validation and hand-off of the finished design to manufacturing.

    OS Implementation:

  • BSPs/LSPs — If your product needs an operating system, EQWARE has plenty of experience at bringing WinCE®, Linux® or other operating systems to new platforms.
  • Device Drivers — Our engineers have created, ported and extended literally scores of device drivers, for many popular embedded OSs, and nearly every category of device.
  • Communications Protocols — Many of our past projects have involved getting one piece of hardware to talk to another. We have implemented existing protocols and designed new ones, for wired and wireless environments, to support connectivity for every environment from modules on the same board to independent devices on wireless networks with thousands of nodes.
  • Quality Assurance — "EQ" stands for "Embedded Quality", and it's no idle boast — we have extensive experience at producing quality embedded products.  We can provide your product with whatever level of Q/A you need, from basic module-level test up through full regression suites based on custom test systems, or anything in between.
  • Performance Specialists — Just getting hardware to work is one thing; getting the most out of it is something else again.  We're proven performance experts, with the patience and know-how to make your hardware perform to its full potential.

    Complete Embedded Solutions:

  • Best of all, look to EQWARE for the complete package: end-to-end embedded hardware and software design and implementation.  Our engineers can start with your requirements and carry your project through every stage of specification and implementation to working, tested hardware and software crafted to achieve your goals — we can even work with your application developers to make sure that all aspects of your product's feel and function meet your most exacting standards.

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