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EQWARE engineers have been successfully completing embedded projects for decades — we have the experience to tackle nearly any kind of embedded job.  Here are some examples:

  • Device Drivers — Device drivers are those modules that interface between application-level software and the underlying hardware.  They typically run at kernel level, giving them special powers to fulfil their unique roles, but special limitations as well — and their performance is often the key to a product that meets and exceeds its requirements.  Our engineers have created, ported and optimized dozens of device drivers for many popular O/Ss, and for nearly every category of device.
  • Kernel Modifications — Not every firm is prepared to make changes inside the OS kernel, but some projects require it, and EQWARE is up to that challenge — we have the tools and experience needed to produce custom kernel code for WinCE® or embedded Linux®.  For WinCE, look to EQWARE for KITL-based debugging and CETK test and regression suites.  Under embedded Linux, we're experts with the industry-standard GNU toolchain — we can build cross-compilers to order, and even extend the assembler, compiler, linker and debugger to support custom instruction sets.
  • BIOS/Bootloaders — Early in the boot cycle of every computer special start-up code is executed which configures key devices, bringing up enough of the hardware so that the OS can be successfully launched.  This is the bootloader, or as it's often called on workstation-class platforms, the BIOS.  Bootloaders can be difficult to create or modify, but with EQWARE on your team, your project will soon be up and running.
  • Stand-alone Embedded — Some our most impressive projects have run stand-alone, with no underlying OS support at all.  For maximum performance and flexibility and minumum code footprint, there's nothing like rolling your own.  Whether your code has to run off disk, out of memory technology devices or from mask-programmed ROM, EQWARE has been there, done that — and we can provide the level of Q/A needed to make sure such projects succeed.
  • Multimedia — As CPU capabilities increase and power requirements decrease, portable multimedia devices continue to emerge in the market place. EQWARE has the experience to harness the performance and low power capabilities you will need to create a winning product. Whether you need special hardware, OS, device driver, or codec support, EQWARE can help.
  • Networking — In a world where almost every electronic device can interconnect, networking skills are paramount. Special hardware, high performance device drivers, and protocol stacks are all part of a day's work for EQWARE — let us put your device on-line.
  • Wireless — EQWARE engineers have experience with wireless projects going back to the 1980's, well before the current boom in such technologies.  Our solid background with established wireless standards such as IEEE 802.11 (WiFi), BlueTooth and cellular technologies has allowed us to forge ahead with custom uni- and bi-directional RF protocols, spanning the spectrum from FM subcarriers to 2.4GHz, and offering such advanced features as frequency-agility, forward-error correction, and time-division multiplexing for substantial savings in bandwidth usage and battery life.  Uni-directional RF (broadcast) has special issues that bi-directional systems don't, but EQWARE knows this tricky ground, and can guide your project safely across.
  • Quality Assurance — EQWARE has extensive experience with Q/A, spanning decades. We've built custom test systems able to conduct completely automated regression test suites that ran for days, RF manufacturing testers, and test systems that used cameras to evaluate the content of LCD displays.

    There's a risk in having the same team that designed a new product be responsible for testing it as well; they're too likely to overlook in test the same issues they overlooked in design.  Whether you want someone to build custom test tools, or that essential outside viewpoint, EQWARE has the skills you need.

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