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EQWARE (ee·kyoo'·wâr): An association of senior professional engineers specializing in hardware and embedded software design, implementation and test.

Our specialty is embedded hardware and software projects.  We can undertake your complete project end-to-end, or we can relieve you of any of the components.  Our engineers can design and build a board, port an operating system to it, develop a regression test suite to make sure it meets your quality standards, and deliver the works, ready for manufacturing.  Recent customers include major silicon vendors and OEMs, and recent projects involved BSPs and LSPs, commercial, hand-held and set-top audio/video products, and wireless test-and-measurement systems using custom RF protocols.

National and international customers are all in a day's work.  Although we are based in Oregon City, OR, much of our business lies outside the Pacific Northwest.  We have handled contracts from Europe and the far side of the Pacific Rim, not to mention US customers in California, New York and Arizona.  Wherever your company may be located, when you have an embedded hardware or software project, look to EQWARE.

Contact Information.  You can contact EQWARE via any of the following means:

EQWARE Engineering, Inc.
HQ: 175 King Street, Oregon City, OR, 97045
Phone: 503-722-7167
Fax: 503-723-8071
email: info@eqware.net

These are the principal engineers of EQWARE:

Dennis O'Brien has more than twenty years of electronic engineering experience with both hardware and software education and experience. He graduated magna cum laude from University of Portland with a BS in Electrical Engineering and summa cum laude from Midwestern State University with a MS in Computer Engineering.

Dennis' electronic career includes numerous embedded development programs requiring the special skills unique to small, low power, wireless devices. Dennis has also been responsible for high-reliability modulation equipment and wireless test tools; he has even manageed back-office systems development in support of new wireless technologies. Over the years, he has ventured into portable, low-power devices, multimedia technologies and many other wireless systems.

As a technical project leader, Dennis has long been the go-to guy when things "just had to be done". He has worked as project manager, program director, and vice-president of engineering. He knows what it takes to develop solutions from requirements to manufacturing.

Dennis is a native Oregonian. He spent 10 years in the Air Force as a jet pilot, retiring as a Captain to pursue his love of electronics and software. He is the father of three and husband to his wife Bonnie. He enjoys all sorts of music and plays the classics on piano.

Van Wanless has been a software engineer for over twenty years, specializing in embedded software for most of that time.  He graduated magna cum laude from Old Dominion University in 1984 with a BS in Computer Science, and has since taught programming at the community college level.

Van is a computer-language junkie, and has written programs in C, C++, Pascal, Basic, Lisp, Ada, Java, HTML, PHP, Javascript, AWK, a collection of scripting languages, PERL, threaded-interpretive languages (like Forth) and a long list of assembly languages, in addition to languages of his own design.  He has worked under enough operating systems (some now obsolete) that it makes his head spin to think of them all.

Van is a former US Navy Data Systems Technician, and has also worked as a janitor, a night-watchman, a teletype operator, a field-service technician, a business graphics programmer and a CAD applications programmer.  His hobbies include digital art, photography, cooking and Dungeons and Dragons.  He is a native of the Pacific Northwest.

Jim Collar has over twenty years of professional experience in software engineering, often near the hardware/software interface.  His career is highlighted by 13+ years developing firmware for pager wristwatches and modulation equipment used in the Seiko MessageWatch system.  These years gave Jim a solid knowledge of development of a wireless protocol and associated receiver algorithms, in this case implemented by highly optimized assembly code.  Mask-programmed watch software demanded extremely high Q/A, and Jim participated in many aspects of these efforts.  Since 2000, he has contracted in various technologies including Server Management, wireless PDA services, Linux device drivers, and a custom 2.4GHz wireless sensor system.  Jim enjoys the challenges of developing real time systems using innovative techniques to overcome constraints and increase performance.

Jim also has proven management and technical leadership skills.  Larger projects are handled through coordinated efforts of EQWARE engineers that benefit from leadership skills of folks like Jim.  Customer interfaces are also benefited through his good scheduling and status reporting skills.  Analyzing requirements, writing specifications, and carrying out various degrees of quality assurance programs are all within Jimís abilities.

Jim has always lived in the Western US with his most influential years spent growing up in Idaho.  He gained his B.S. in Computer Science from the College of Engineering at the University of Idaho in 1985.  Before that time, Jim learned about common sense working on cars, working in restaurants, and doing construction work in Boise, ID.  Jim is a family man, a guitar player and an avid fly fisherman.

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